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One-of-a-kind fully handmade crochet necklace, made out of metal chain, cotton knitting yarn ,3 rows genuine Swarovski crystals and fuchsia agate beads.

Inspired from an ancient Olympian goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation, this statement necklace catches the eye as the centerpiece of any outfit.
Wear it and feel the ancient Greece surrounding you.

A perfect necklace for the uncompromising and fabulous woman who loves to stand out and express her own style.

Wear it and be your own star !

Width is approximately 6cm in the narrow part and 15cm in the wide.


Our jewelry is delicate. The better you protect your pieces, the longer they will last.

We highly recommend you to not shower, swim or hand wash while wearing your jewelry.
Keep them protected from places with high condensation of water and humidity. The dust in the air and the simple touch with human skin provoke changes in the metal look with the time. When not wearing it keep your jewelry in bag or box to protect it as much as possible from this natural process. Moisture causes natural reactions with all metals, even gold, silver or brass.

Save all the pieces separated from each other (in bags, boxes, compartments) to avoid tangling.

Some of our products are made with unique one of a kind elements such as vintage pendants, crystals and charms. Please note that when ordering those specific jewelry pieces, one or more of the aforementioned elements of it (a bead or a crystal) might be slightly different from the picture you see on the website.





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